Marjorie on Pause

I think of Marjorie and her bright coral toes

feet dangling over the edge

of a forty foot sailboat

contemplating the night before

the man she doesn’t know

the man who owns the boat

the man who is her lover.

I left her there

can’t get back to her yet

maybe she doesn’t want me to

for now she is safe

the man is handsome and rich

that’s all

he hasn’t become anything more

just a lover she took for the night

while on a trip to get away

that she’s been on for months

because I put her story on pause.



Psst… hey… hey you… HEY!


What’re ya doin’?


Really? Why?

          Because there’s work to be done.

For what?

          For me.


          Because I promised myself I would do it.

What does it pay?


… You know, it’s really nice outside. There’s no humidity and the sun is shining.


… No one is watching. We could have cocktails on the porch. I think I saw some cheese in the fridge.

          Shhh… I’m really trying to make some progress.

On what?

          My story.




…Hey, I think the dog needs to go out.

          The dog is fine.

… There are dishes in the sink, aren’t there?

          I did the dishes.

… You wanna work out?


…Can I help you with that?

          Shhh. I’ll get something done when you shut the fuck up.

Jeez! I’m just trying to help.

…So, how’s it going? You making any progress?

          What do you think?

I think that if you went outside and mowed the lawn that you’d at least accomplish something worthwhile today.

          Maybe you have a point. Everyone is out there enjoying summer and here I am banging my head against the proverbial wall, again.

That’s all I’m saying…

          Uh huh.

… So you wanna read a book that someone with some actual follow through had the wherewith-all to complete? We could do it in the yard.

          You dick!

Hey, don’t get pissed at me, I’m only what you made me. Maybe if you got your shit together I wouldn’t be able to get to you so easily.

          Maybe if you had a little compassion…

I am only what you make me. Today I am this.

          Why can’t you be what I need?

Maybe I am.

          It does’t feel that way.

… Are you sure the dog doesn’t need a walk?