T Minus 40: Dream Trek

For years I’ve had the same dream, or some version of it. It started sometime in my twenties. It goes something like this…

An elevator door opens in front of me to reveal the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (I’m fairly certain it’s the Enterprise A, the refit, judging by the uniforms of the crew). I look down to see that I am outfitted as a Starfleet officer. I step off of the elevator onto the bridge where I am greeted by Kirk himself (the incomparable William Shatner). I’m not sure exactly what he says, but he commences briefing me on a matter of great importance. We have a mission to complete. As he speaks to me I realize that I am more than just an officer and trusted member of the Enterprise crew. Kirk is my father! (Cue dramatic revelation music).

The scene changes and suddenly we are in the midst of a battle. Phasers set to kill. Kirk and I are the last two Starfleet officers fighting. I’m not sure what we were defending, but it doesn’t really matter. Scotty beamed the rest of our surviving away team back up to the ship on Captain’s orders.

Suddenly, the leader of the alien opposition (some race that resembles the Klingon, but I can’t be sure that’s who they were) grabs Kirk, my father, around his shoulders from behind and begins to drag him away. I give chase but only make it two steps before I feel myself begin to beam away. He had given the order to get me out. I have no idea how.

I arrive back in the transporter room and lash out at Scotty. How dare he leave the Captain behind, regardless of the order! We both knew he had to follow it though.

The scene shifts again and I find myself leading a secret away mission to rescue my father, Captain James T. Kirk. We ascertain that he is being held under heavy security by the aliens who are demanding access to the neutral zone. If we do not meet their demands, he will be executed. My team is small. There are five, maybe six of us. Yes, probably six because one guy has to get killed immediately upon our arrival on the alien ship. His sacrifice allows us to kidnap one of our enemies who will gain us access to the brig where Kirk is being held.

We move stealthily through the corridors of the dark and ominous alien vessel with our phasers set on stun. There might still be a chance at a diplomatic solution here, as long as we get in and out of this place quickly, with minimal loss of life. For some reason I know that these aliens are rogue and I don’t want to start a war here.

As we approach the brig I am surprised to find it under-guarded, my team needs only to stun two of the aliens to gain access to my father’s cell where he is being held behind an electromagnetic force field. We could see that he was relatively unharmed, except for a couple of facial bruises (I’m sure the other guy got it much worse). Kirk stood to protest our arrival, he didn’t approve of my covert mission, but I don’t care. I had to rescue him, besides with him off the ship, I was acting Captain.

I switch my phaser to kill and demand that my alien prisoner use his access code to deactivate the force field. He takes me seriously and does as I ask. I watch as he inputs the code on the keypad outside my father’s cell. I commit the code to memory.

As the force field lifts, Kirk runs out and together we push my alien prisoner into Kirk’s cell. I input the code, trapping the alien officer inside. My father and I embrace, for just a moment.

Scotty had warned me that there were only certain areas of the ship that we could transport into or out of, so we had to get back to our entry point for departure. By now, the alien Captain would know we had intruded and that someone had, however briefly, deactivated the force field that was holding Kirk prisoner.

With my father by side I feel a renewed sense of purpose. We retrace our steps back to the cargo bay we had beamed into. As we approach our exit point I can hear the alien warriors gaining on us from behind. Damn, they are fast! I look to Kirk as Captain and as my father. He shoots a mischievous grin my way and I know we will make it back to the Enterprise unharmed.

We reach the cargo bay. Kirk grabs my communicator and hurriedly shouts, “six to beam up, Scotty”. As my own dematerialization begins I can just make out the alien forces lifting their phasers.

They are too late. We are back in the transporter room. All of us, safe and sound. My father walks immediately to the nearest control panel and taps the communicator button. “Warp speed, Mr. Sulu”, he says. I hear. “aye aye, Captain” through the speaker before I wake up.

Generally, when I dream that William Shatner is my dad it’s Star Trek related. I had one TJ Hooker dream, but it wasn’t as fun.


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