T Minus 40: Shortcake

IMG_0808 (1)

Strawberry Shortcake bicycle

You’re the most beautiful gift ever received

Your pretty pink basket, berry-covered seat

And lush flowing streamers

Make you the girliest girly bike on the street.


I wish I knew how to ride you, Strawberry Shortcake bicycle

Without your training wheels

The other kids are not afraid

It would be nice to know how that feels

I’ve been told the task is easy

Once you get the hang

Another few weeks of trying

And I’ll be part of the gang.


I’m sorry Strawberry Shortcake bicycle

For leaving you behind

But I’m thankful for the moments

that we shared when you were mine.

I hope the kid that took you treats you with respect

and doesn’t tear your streamers off

or beat you all to heck.


I thought I saw you SSB

Outside in someone’s yard

On the way to school today

I shouted from afar

Hey that’s my Strawberry Shortcake Bicycle!

But nobody could hear

Maybe I’ll get you back one day

When Santa Claus comes here.




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