T Minus 40: Jansport

Oh, classic bright purple Jansport knapsack

Your hue of vibrant violet made you stand out from the pack.

Sensible and stylish, functional and bold

Forever you amazed me with the crap that you could hold.

Sophomore year of high school we met and instant-bonded,

we travelled internationally ‘cross borders and beyond ’em.

You let me decorate your skin with every kind of button

from peace signs to poem lines to the cause of “save the mutton”.

You’ve been book bag and gym bag and gone on overnight retreats,

I even took you to the theater stuffed with contraband-ed treats.

When you tore along your upper seam I didn’t really mind,

but I live with another who believed it was your time.

Why’d I let him toss you out, negating our adventures?

I thought I’d carry you around until you held my dentures.


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