I’m a musician, a writer and a New York City expat. I started singing professionally at age 15. After working my way through NYU performing at events and putting in my time in the NYC music scene, I launched my own entertainment company with my husband, Yves. 

Twelve years ago we left Manhattan and settled in upstate New York with our dog, Bartoo. But Yves and I still perform at events all over the east coast with our band, Nite-Time. In our duo, The Wallpapers, we play stripped down versions of classic tunes and sprinkle our original music throughout our set. 

I created my first blog, The Wedding Singer’s Guide to Life, to share tips and anecdotes (names have been changed to protect the innocent) and try to get a laugh every now and then. I’ve since covered countless real weddings as a blogger for Brides and Weddings Magazine. 

In 2016, I created the blog series, T-Minus 40, to celebrate my (gulp!) 40th birthday. Since then I’ve been working on short stories and memoir pieces and when appropriate, I post them here.


Amy Serrago


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